Duplicator I3 Plus Documentation & Factory Files

We’ve tried to gather all of the documentation that Wanhao has included with the printer. If there’s a document, or a revision of a document that we’re missing, please let us know.

Wanhao I3 Plus Firmware Updates

Note: There have been reports of problems updating the LCD firmware. Here is a sequence that seems to work for doing the update:

Your suggestion did the trick.  I first tried to downgrade the LCD to 2.11 – which failed the same way (flashing LCD, no loading of images).  However, when I tried to upgrade to LCD 2.17, it loaded the firmware.  Here’s the sequence for anyone else having problems.

  1. Following the instructions in the first link, get access to the SD card slot on the LCD.
  2. Power off.  Insert MicroSD with LCD 2.11 firmware.
  3. Power on.  Firmware 2.11 doesn’t load.  LCD screen flashes on and off slowly.
  4. Power off.  Insert MicroSD with LCD 2.17 firmware.
  5. Power on.  Firmware 2.17 loads.  LCD shows the images loading.  Wait for LCD to go blank
  6. Power off.  Remove MicroSD card.
  7. Power on.  Look for the new bed leveling function to confirm 2.17 loaded.

USB Drivers

Unboxing And Hardware Setup


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