Wanhao D7 BOX

Going to be released on 20th Sept 2017. We do not know what board they are using inside the "box" but is does not fit the Pi2/Pi3 form factor.  The LCD is most likely similar to the one used on the i3Plus. The retail price is listed at USD $120/pc with shipping costs around USD $50 (world wide). If you order soon you can get it for the early bird $99 plus shipping. Here are the specs given:

  • Wifi NanoDLP support
  • USB flash disk support so you can print without a computer
  • Not only for use with the Wanhao D7 but all brand DLP/SLA printers are compatible.



You can order from local distributors listed on Wanhao's website or order directly from Wanhao China with these instructions:

Paypal account: sales@wanhao3dprinter.com
After payment, please email us : Sherry@wanhao3dprinter.com
1. Your address and phone number. 
2. Paypal tracking No.