This is just a peek at the upcoming review for the Photocentric Tough UV Resin. I did a quick print just to see if my settings were close and will print some more parts for testing soon…

“The Tough is effectively a stronger flex. It’s hard to deform than the firm and has a slightly lower flexibility than the Flex does”


The bottle was double bagged then wrapped in lots of nice bubblewrap in a large box. The 1 Liter bottle has a nice no-drip style lid that is easy to pour.



Post Processing

Note: Objects will have full strength only after full cure time. The directions I was given that worked out well are as follows: UV post curing in water for 5 minutes a side, wiping with IPA on a cloth and then curing dry under UV for 2 hours (minus amount of time spent in the water UV bath) gives the best end feel and properties. After I cured the parts for 2 hours they became more stable and flexible. I have a few parts I will be testing to see how it holds up in the near future.


Tough / Clear. MakeRook

Tough / Clear. Top of MakeRook

Tough / Clear. MakeRook