Simplify 3D Profile for D5 Series

This profile is based on an early version published by ElephantMan more than a year ago. Since then I have continued to improve the profile to my needs.

I provide this profile as is, with the hope that it can be useful for other users. Users are allowed to download this profile and modify it to fit their needs.

Important Notes on this profile (only semi-important settings are mentioned):
Simplify Basic Settings:

  • Auto Configure for Material:
    • This profile is mainly for PLA, however the ABS is compatible with PETG (main change is the temperature).
  • Auto Configure for Print Quality:
    • Fast: Layer Height @ 0.3mm
    • Medium: Layer height @ 0.2mm
    • High: Layer Height @ 0.15mm
    • Ultra: Layer height @ 0.1mm
    • All of these are normalized for a first layer height of 0.15mm (thus you can change without worrying about bed leveling).

Advanced Settings (by tab):

  • Extruder:
    • Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
    • Extrudion Multiplier: 1.00 (change it as required).
    • Extrusion Width: 0.4mm (increasing can lower quality).
    • Retraction at 8mm (this is a lot, but on a bowden it does not make issues).
    • Retraction speed 120mm/s (fast can help reduce stringing).
    • Coasting for 0.1mm (also help reduce stringing)
  • Layer:
    • Top and Bottom layers calculated to be at least 1mm thick (10 for Ultra, 7 for High, 5 for Medium, 4 for Fast).
    • Shells also calculated to be at least 1mm thick (3 shells = 1.2mm).
    • First Layer Height adjust to be 0.15mm (I usually print at 0.15mm).
  • Additions:
    • Skirt/Brim:
      • 2 layers, 4mm offset and 3 lines (allow enough time for final adjustments).
    • Raft:
      • 2 raft layers, 4mm offset, 0.15mm separation at 50% infill.
  • Infill:
    • Internal: Triangular
    • External: Rectilinear
    • Percentage: 15%
  • Support:
    • the settings I have there is what works for (allow me to easily remove it).
  • Temperature:
    • I had issues with first layer bonding, and as a result I had to start very high (210C), after 5 layers I start reduce the temp by 5C every 5 layers (you can change this to your needs).
  • Cooling:
    • The fan starts up at the start of layer 3 (allows 2 successful layers).
  • Gcode:
    • Based on my setup, I implemented Origin Offsets, if you are using the original build surface you can just update it to have no offset or adjust it for your own platform
      • In my case I added a heated build plate of 200x300mm with a grid. Using these offsets I was able to center objects to the center of the grid.
  • Scripts:
    • Starting Script is very basic (S3D insert the heatups before this):
      • Set e-steps/mm (based on my own calculation – you can remove this and your printer will use the builtin value)
      • Home
      • Lay a line on the side of the bed to prime the nozzle (no more need to catch the ooze).
      • Start printing
    • Ending Script is also basic:
      • heaters off
      • retract filament a bit
      • lift head
      • home in X and Y
      • fan off
      • disable motors
  • Other:
    • Default printing speed: 60mm/s
    • Outline Underspeed: 60%
    • Solid Infill Underspeed: 80%
    • Support Structure Underspeed: 70%
    • X/Y axis movement speed: 180mm/s
    • Z axis movement speed: 16.7mm/s
    • Horizontal Size adjustment: -0.1mm (you can set this based on your own experience, I get good results at -0.1mm).
    • Filament Diameter: this should be measured
    • Filament Price: adjust for you own currency and value.
  • Advanced:
    • Only retract when crossing open spaces
    • Avoid crossing outline for travel movements (detour factor on 20)
    • Gap fill is on at 50%.

Printing speed may need adjustment when using other quality options (High is what I use on 95% of prints, therefore the others are not as thoroughly tested and you can get mayor skipping). Adjust as you need.


D5S Mini Profile