Cooling Mods

This modification applies to all versions of the Duplicator i3. 


The stock cooling setup on the i3 does not provide adequate airflow for cooling.  The fan is not pointed directly at the nozzle, and only blows air from one side.  This can create problems, particularly when printing PLA as it needs to be cooled very quickly after extrusion.  There are several options for increasing the cooling efficiency on the i3.

Angled Fan Mount

This simple mod requires no materials or replacement parts, but will significantly improve cooling.  Simply remove the left screw and slightly loosen the right screw holding the stock cooling fan on.  Swing the fan assembly around to point more directly at the nozzle,   Tighten the right screw and re-insert the left screw to hold the fan bracket in its new position.


Cooling Duct or Shroud

Several options for cooling ducts and shrouds to provide enhanced cooling.  Follow the links below for instructions, material lists, and STL files.

  • CiiiCooler – An updated version of the popular DiiiCooler. The CiiiCooler is a cooler that is to be mounted around the hotend of the Wanhao Duplicator i3. It provides a 300 degree field of cooling around the hotend for the part being printed. It sacrifices 60 degree of field compared to the DiiiCooler, but provides a view of the nozzle and a more even flow of air around the nozzle compared to a directional or bi-directional cooler.
  • DiiiCooler – One of the most popular and effective cooling shrouds which provides 360 degrees of cooling using a 50mm blower fan.  (Includes an adapter for the stock fan.)
  • Dii  / CiiCooler Mounting Bracket with X Tensioner built in for use with the above coolers.
  • Cobra Cooler – A rear mounted, dual duct cooler using a 50mm fan with visibility of the nozzle. (Also, Stock fan version)
  • Fan Duct – Another rear mounted, dual duct cooler using a 50mm fan with visibility of the nozzle.