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Resin Information and Sample Settings

The following resin information and recommended print settings are gathered from user submissions. These are just example settings that have been found to print. Use this as a starting point and modify as needed. If you have any recommended settings then please use the Resin Submission Form to give some feedback.

User Submitted Information

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BrandNameColorsRatingSourceAverage CostDescriptionLayer HeightBase Cure TimeLayer Cure TimeProfilesSubmitted By
Fun To Do Industrial blend Clear5http://www.peediemodels.com/f2d.php50Extremely fast curing and accurate resin that drastically reduces printing time in comparison to other more opaque resins. 6535 seconds 5 seconds
FunToDo (FTD)IB (Industrial Blend)Clear / Red / Black4http://www.funtodo.net/our-distributors.html$88 USD per LiterThe Industrial Blend resin has been developed especially for some industrial clients who were in need for a resin that is extra hard and would maintain its structural integrity while exposed to very Low and High temperatures.
Because of these properties it is one of the few resins perfectly suitable for vulcanisation.
For relatively low temperature metals like pewter or tin you can also use the Industrial Blend to print your moulds and cast straight from the printed mould. Read all about it in this Instructable

​The hardness of the fully cured resin is 75 shore D.
It has been tested from -45C to +225C.

​Available in Red, Black and unpigmented.
FunToDo Standard Blend Red5http://www.peediemodels.com/f2d.php50508NanoDLP Pawel
XYZ NobelClearClear,White,Red,Grey,Other5http://us.store.xyzprinting.com/?cateId=0&navId=2119Clear is the only XYZ resin tested so far with the D7.

They are now offering other resins
Flexible is $199 1kg
Castable resin is $269 1KG
10070 seconds15 secondsDefault D7 100 micro profile adjusted with layer time of 15S
FunToDo (FTD)DEEP BLACKBlack5https://shop.studioqubed.com/products/deep-black$85 USD per LiterFun To Do Deep Black a high resolution DLP/SLA printer resin! 1006020Using the stock nanoDLP 100 micron profile as supplied on the wikiJetguy
PhotocentricUV Clear FlexClear (tested) / Red / Orange / White / Black / Green5http://photocentric3d.com£45 per LiterUV FLEXIBLE RESIN. Flexible UV polymers are ideal for making objects where you want flexibility, but still a hard object. Objects will compress and deflect enough to bend and return. They exhibit low tensile shear properties and some elongation. Objects can be bent and compressed with some force.659030NanoDLPJames A
Monocure3D Resin GreyClear,White,Red,Black,Grey,Other5https://www.monocure3d.com.au60~$60 AUD per bottle So far only tried the grey with great results in the Wanhao D710020Default setup using 'Evans' version of Creation Workshop B.
PhotocentricUV DLP HardWhite4https://3ddruckkaufhaus.de/16-Filament-druckmaterial-fuer-3D-Drucker#/hersteller-photocentric_3d/material-uv_resin or
69UV Hard resin (white).8025Michael
FunToDoSnow WhiteWhite5http://photocentric3d.com
$88 USD per LiterSnow White is the first resin in this market segment that is white, and stays white!
It has a milky white colour, which makes it an ideal resin for printing architectural designs or other designs where white is the predominant colour.
405012Nanodlp SW Profile 40 micronJames A
MonocureMonocure ClearClear,White,Red,Black,Grey,Other5https://www.monocure3d.com.auhttps://www.monocure3d.com.au60"The transparent appearance allows you to be see internal features & structures that would be useful for research, prototyping and engineering parts. " "UV wavelengths of 225nm to wavelengths of 420nm. By incorporating a blend of photo-initiators, monomers & sensitizers, almost any light source can be used to initiate the polymerization process of our resins."659023{
"ProfileID": 21,
"Title": "Monocure Clear / 65 micron",
"Desc": "",
"ZStepWait": 120,
"SlowSectionHeight": 2,
"SlowSectionStepWait": 100,
"TopWait": 1.5,
"WaitHeight": 3.8,
"CureTime": 23,
"DynamicCureTime": "",
"DynamicSpeed": "",
"DynamicLift": "",
"Depth": 65,
"WaitBeforePrint": 1.5,
"WaitAfterPrint": 0.01,
"JumpHeight": 0,
"JumpPerLayer": 0,
"SupportTopWait": 3.3,
"SupportWaitHeight": 4,
"SupportLayerNumber": 5,
"SupportCureTime": 90,
"SupportDepth": 65,
"SupportWaitBeforePrint": 12,
"SupportWaitAfterPrint": 3,
"LowQualityCureTime": 12.6,
"LowQualitySkipPerLayer": 0,
"XYRes": 0,
"XYResPerc": 0,
"ZResPerc": 0,
"Color": "#ffffff",
"SyscallBeforeLayer": "",
"ShieldBeforeLayer": "G1 Z[[LayerPosition]] F{[[ZSpeed]]*2} P1 ; Move to layer positionrn[[WaitForDoneMessage]]rnG4 P1rn[[WaitForDoneMessage]]rn[[PositionSet [[LayerPosition]]]] ; Save layer position as the current position",
"SyscallAfterLayer": "",
"ShieldAfterLayer": "G1 Z{[[LayerPosition]]+[[ZLiftDistance]]} F{[[ZSpeed]]/5} P1 ; Lift to wait positionrn[[WaitForDoneMessage]]rnG4 P1rn[[WaitForDoneMessage]]rn[[PositionSet [[LayerPosition]]]] ; Save layer position as the current position",
"PixelDiming": 0,
"DimAmount": 0,
"DimWall": 0,
"DimSkip": 0,
"IgnoreMask": 0,
"ShieldStart": "",
"ShieldResume": "",
"ShieldFinish": ""
Stephen S.
BrandResin NameColors AvailableStar RatingSource to PurchaseAverage CostDescriptionLayer HeightBase Layers Cure TimeLayer Cure TimeProfilesFirst Name

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