Resin Shrinkage and Density measuring

Volumetric Shrinkage Volumetric shrinkage is worked out by comparing the density of the resin before and after it has cured. We usually print a disc with a hole in the centre in a clear resin to ensure no internal air bubbles are present (that will change the measured density). The density of the solid is […]

WanhaoUSA Troubles

It appears that WanhaoUSA (not affiliated with Wanhao China) is having troubles. They recently sent out an email stating they were up for sale and Wanhao (China) has revoked their distributor status. WanhaoUSA registered dozens of domains with the Wanhao™ in the name using the Wanhao name without permission. According to a statement from Wanhao3dprinters […]

Sources for 3d Printable Objects

Here is a compiled list of 3d print resources. Another page kept up to date by Royce Barber can be found at ...

Sources for STL files and design software

Almost all CAD and 3D software can export an STL or OBJ file of the designed part – this is a file defining in a very simple/basic method how the object will look, and this file is generally read only (since it throws away everything about how it was created). On Thingiverse  you can download […]

Igus expands range of 3D printable Tribo-Filaments with highly chemical resistant C210 filament

While desktop 3D printing has certainly become a very potent prototyping technology, many end-product manufacturers still stay away from 3D printers for a number of reasons. Production quality is certainly one of those reasons (and one that can be overcome), but material limitations cannot be underestimated as well. Injection molding simply has access to a […]

Direct drive vs Bowden extruder info

Here is a good article on the differences between extruder types and some tips.

Build a 3D Printer Workhorse, Not an Amazing Disappointment Machine

This article was featured on Hackaday and I found it was full of good information on stepper motor selection, hot beds, drivers, etc. 3D printers have become incredibly cheap, you can get a fully workable unit for $200 – even without throwing your money down a crowdfunded abyss. Looking at the folks who still buy […]

Duplicator I3 Extruder Gear Testing

At low layer heights (0.1mm) doing fine detail prints, the individual segments are extremely small extrusion volume. Since volume is a distance of a KNOWN filament diameter being pushed in, extremely fine AKA super short sub mm precision distances of filament being pushed is required. Just like riding a in a vehicle with large knobby […]