Jetguy and myself (James) are big time 3d printer geeks and love to build, take apart and make things better. As a side note, this can be a all time consuming; life sucking; money draining hobby. We have talked about needing to get all the information together in one place for a long time but never followed through with it until now. So this is our start to giving back to the 3d printing community.

We are mainly focusing on gathering information, mods and tips on the Wanhao Duplicator I3 printer but will be adding other printers as we go. Let us know how we are doing, or if you have any information, feel free to email us at info @ 3dprinterwiki.info or use the feedback form or Wiki Discussion Forum for topics specific to this Wiki. We currently have a group of admins and editors from the Wanhao Duplicator I3 Facebook group helping add content and help maintain information on this wiki. I would like to thank Heath, Vincent, Justin and Ryan along with any future editors for helping out.

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One thought on “About”

  1. G’day Guys,

    Recently purchased an N2 printer from Raise, Jetguys involvement played no small part in my purchase from Raise.

    Hopefully I can work closely with you in the future.

    I am planning a few mods, Dual e3D Titan extruder being a major 1, so will keep you updated as I go.

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