Your suggestion did the trick.  I first tried to downgrade the LCD to 2.16 – which failed the same way (flashing LCD, no loading of images).  However, when I tried to upgrade to LCD 2.17, it loaded the firmware.  Here’s the sequence for anyone else having problems.

  • Following the instructions in the first link, get access to the SD card slot on the LCD.
  • Power off.  Insert MicroSD with LCD 2.16 firmware.
  • Power on.  Firmware 2.16 doesn’t load.  LCD screen flashes on and off slowly.
  • Power off.  Insert MicroSD with LCD 2.17 firmware.
  • Power on.  Firmware 2.17 loads.  LCD shows the images loading.  Wait for LCD to go blank
  • Power off.  Remove MicroSD card.
  • Power on.  Look for the new bed leveling function to confirm 2.17 loaded.