ABS will not reliably stick to only a masking tape surface- and adding hairspray is no guarantee either. ABS is harder to print with than PLA because it doesn’t like to stick, requires extra attention to bed prep, really likes to be printed in a heated chamber surrounding the print with what you would consider rather hot air by comparison.

ABS should use 230C extruder and 100C heated bed temp but printing on the following bed surfaces: Kapton aka polymide tape Glass with a proven hairspray (not just any brand works) Glass with ABS slurry (ABS scraps melted in a glass jar using pure acetone from the hardware store, painted into a layer on the glass and let dry solid)

Conversely, PLA is very easy PLA uses 195C to 200C and 50C bed or optionally no heated bed It sticks easily to painters tape masking tape Glass with hairspray (best heated to 50C) And many other options like Kapton tape (also heated to 50C)

The newer models of the printer come with BuildTak installed on the heated bed. BuildTak is special surface (PEI) designed to allow various types of printer to adhere better. It is recommended that the surface be wiped down with alcohol between prints.

My preferred print surface is Glass with hairspray (specific brands). See this link for more information on installing a glass plate.