Nozzle: The nozzle is unique to the D5 series. When you need to replace you can buy a stock nozzle or a MicroSwiss D5 Nozzle (available in 0.4, 0.6, 0.8mm nozzles).
Remember you also need to get a new PEEK Isolator and Threaded Metal Isolator Tube with every nozzle change.

Filament Guide Tube: The tube is standard PTFE tube with a 4mm ID and 6mm OD.

Filament Guide Tube Fitting: This fitting is a pneumatic fitting with the following specifications – 6mm tube straight, 1/8″ thread. The tube needs to be able to go through the fitting (and not stop inside). A product code that matches PC6-01 Straight.

Power Supply: this is a standard 120W @ 19V laptop power supply brick with a clover power input and a 2.5mm center pin DC connector output.

Nozzle Thermocouple: This is a standard k-type thermocouple. Remember to never solder wires of a thermocouple, they need to be crimped or placed inside screw terminals.