A ball driver for the M3 and M4 is pretty much the next must have if you get into this hobby.

Here’s a list of my favorites L allen wrench set with ball ends on one end. L Wrench Set Ball Ends $10 well spent. These are harder and stronger than most- less likely to strip out and worth every penny.

Ball driver set. These make your life a dream when they can be used. I am lost and usually angry when I don’t have these handy. Ball Driver Set $16 but trust me, the ease of use factor- you’ll NEVER go back or regret these.

Not so much a big deal for this printer since all the factory screws tighten into threaded metal. But long term and even for the mod of using locking M3 nuts on the long Bed leveling screws, this is another must have. M3 nut driver with massive recess for long screws. Again, just doing the bed mod- this pays for itself in one usage. M3 Nut Driver $6 bit again, in the hobby, there are a million M3 nuts, and this is one of my most used tools.

GOOD side cutters. There is a difference, this is one of the best. Side cutters $10, but again, you’ll go through 3 pairs of cheap ones that are never as good as this one.

Harbour Freight is a great source for inexpensive tools. Amazon also has some good deals, especially if you are a Prime member. Email or PM me with any tools you find handy and I will add them to the list.

  • Digital Calipers are a must. I use these all the time when designing parts. I prefer the next model up that has the auto turn off feature which will save your batteries and also turns on when you move them instead of having to press the button.
  • Metal Ruler. I can’t live without my metric metal ruler. Once you start designing your own parts you tend to find it is easier to switch over to the metric system since most all parts of the printing process is metric.

Metric Ruler