97 is a user defined thermistor – this is what was used to create the firmware since the other thermistors (like the 14) expects to be pulled up by a 4.7k resistor (the thermistor itself is the pull down of the voltage divider) and the original Di3 uses a 10k resistor for the pull up (thus the need for a user defined thermistor).

If you want to test a thermistor, you can (though that is a lot of trouble and if you already have correct temperatures at non 25C it should be fine – at 25C all 100k thermistors will show about equal, greater deviation the further away you are):
Go to the website http://www.thinksrs.com/downloads/programs/Therm%20Calc/NTCCalibrator/NTCcalculator.htm
See what method is easiest to get the required information:

  1. You can measure 3 temperature/resistance points, to insert in the first block.
    1. Ideally the temperatures should be as not very close to each other.
    2. This will give you a Beta that fits the curve
  2. You can also enter the expected R(25C) and Beta values; then on the calculator part enter a temperature or resistance to be translated to the other (see if and where it would be on the curve).