The initial bed / LCD size was set incorrectly in the slicer  or nanodlp for the D7.  Prints are oval or incorrect XY size.



Based on the LCD screen information with an active area of 68.04 x 120.68 mm and 1440×2560 pixels I believe the X and Y pixel size should be 47.25. If you are using the old numbers shown below and your print size is off slightly then you can try the new numbers.

Y of 68.04mm * 1000 / 1440 = 47.25 and X of 120.68mm *1000 / 2560 = 47.25. This Pixel Pitch also matches the pixel size shown in what we think is the LCD Spec (the (H) number will by x3 since it is RGB):

D7 LCD Specs

Old information (for reference/history only): Nanodlp you enter 46.875 microns for X and 47.222 for Y. Formula is LCD mm * 1000 / LCD Resolution, i.e.: 68mm*1000/1440 = 47.222

The older version of nanodlp would use one value for both x and y. After upgrading and going into setup it will want you to enter a value for Y, I just coped the X over to Y.