Repetier Host is a software program for controlling the printer, slicing STL files (using either Cura or Slic3r) and printing gcode files. Repetier Host can also be used to edit the EEPROM settings on the printer and is available for Windows, Linux and OSX. See the Repetier site for downloading the software.

Printer Settings

The following settings should be used in the Repetier Host software to connect to the Duplicator i3.


Click “Printer Settings” and create a new profile by typing the name in the Printer field and configure the profile as below.

  • Connection tab (Port will be computer specific)

    Repetier Connection - PC

    Repetier Connection – PC

  • ┬áPrinter tab

    Repetier Printer - PC

    Repetier Printer – PC

  • Extruder tab

    Repetier Extruder - PC

    Repetier Extruder – PC

  • Printer Shape

    Repetier Printer Shape - PC

    Repetier Printer Shape – PC



Remember to Click ADD to add the settings then Click Apply:

  • Connection (Serial Port will be computer specific)

    Repetier Connection Settings - MAC

    Repetier Connection Settings – MAC

  • Behaviour

    Repetier Behavior

    Repetier Behavior Settings

  • Dimension

    Repetier Dimension Settings

    Repetier Dimension Settings

  • Advanced

    Repetier Advanced Settings

    Repetier Advanced Settings

Once the printer settings are configured you should be able to connect to the printer. See this link for more detailed documentation and how to use Repetier Host.