DO NOT use the black spatula for removing prints.

Here’s the why behind this statement that is counter to the current supplied WanHao documentation and start guides. At some point, you are going to get a print that fails and instead of sticking to the platform it stays in the bottom of the vat. You have to carefully without damaging the super thin vat film remove that before you can print again. If you use the black plastic tool for removing parts, you will damage the tip of the soft plastic and then make it sharp and have issues for the others time you need the soft plastic spatula to clean the vat. So use a special hard metal tool or paint scraper/spatula to remove parts and ONLY use a fresh non-damaged plastic spatula on the vat.

Again, the black plastic one comes with the printer. It’s relatively soft, so if you use it to remove parts from the build platform, you will tear up the edge. If you use a hard metal one to remove parts from the build plate (this one actually came with my i3 printers) and you save the plastic one for stirring the vat, clearing the vat bottom and checking for stuck bits on the vat film.  Adding a metal spatula/paint scraper tool to the toolkit is being recommended to Wanhao for future shipping versions.