This modification applies to all versions of the Duplicator i3. 


This modification is probably the first one you’ll want to make. It helps make leveling the bed much easier as well as providing additional stabilization to the build plate.

Materials Needed


  1. Print thumbwheels. There are several styles available. You may want to test print one to make sure it fits your lock nuts, then print the other three.
  2. Remove the print bed by removing all four wing nuts. Keep track of the springs and washers as you will need them.
  3. Add a lock nut to each screw under the print bed. Use a washer between the lock nut and bed. Don’t over tighten – you just want to keep the screw from turning. Over tightening could damage the electrical traces that heat the bed.
  4. Put the bed in place with the screws going though their holes in the lower plate. Lift each corner and add the spring over the screw just as it originally was. It will fit over the lock nut.
  5. At each corner, push the screw through the lower plate enough to add the other washer, the thumbwheel, and the lock nut.
  6. Tighten all four corners, heat the bed, and re-level.
    Thumbwheel Mod

Video Guide