The Lerdge controller by 3DSWay

The 3D printer motherboard Lerdge, with 3.5-inch full color touch screen is compatible with various slicers and supports multiple 3D printer models (including XYZ type, CoreXY, Delta and Scara). Printing can be done through USB, WIFI (with adapter), U disk, TF card and card reader. The Lerdge supports high-temperature print head and temperature measurement methods can be switched between Thermocouple style and Thermistor.

  • Microprocessor: STM32F4
  • Auto-leveling Support
  • Input voltage: 8-35VDC 10-15A
  • 3.5″ Color Touch Screen
  • Socketed Stepper Drivers
  • Printer types: XYZ, Ultimaker, Delta, Hbot, CoreXY, Scara, Arm
  • Supports TF card and U disk update
  • Wifi and Direct Serial with optional adapter module
  • Optional Filament runout detector
  • Optional Power Fail recovery module

 Tips and Mods