Mods for the I3 Plus / Maker Select 3P

  • Z Brace Mod by Morgajel:
  • Heated Bed Isolators (for bed shorting issue) by Joemadd3n: Inline with the September 2016 Wanhao i3 Plus issue Joe created a bushing to sit between the heated bed and the coiled spring, this will ensure the bed is insulated and cannot be scratched by the spring causing a short circuit and possible electric shock / fire risk.
  • Printable Feet by Aero3D: This is a set of feet for the Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus printer. These should be printed in TPU to provide stiffness plus vibration absorbing and also to stop any movement or creep during printing. You require x8 in total to provide the required stability.
  • Filament Guide by RuleOfSines: (may not work with Z Braces). Intended to be used along with a PTFE tube, filament guide can be rotated to suit your arrangement. Rotating portion is not designed to spin freely, it holds in place once the part is attached. You could probably sand it or downscale it slightly if you’d like it to fit loose.
  • DiiiCooler by Pawpawpaw85: The DiiiCooler is a cooler that is to be mounted around the hotend of the Wanhao Duplicator i3.
    It provides a 360 degree field of cooling around the hotend for the part being printed.