The CloneBoard Mini controller

The CloneBoard Mini is a small but powerful 3D printer controller designed specifically to be used with either the Cartesian or Core-XY Atmel 2560 versions of Sailfish Firmware (one of the most mature, optimised and efficient firmware options currently available).

The controller supports a single extruder with X, Y and Z axes (the Allegro A4982 stepper drivers can be digitally set to support a wide range of stepper motor amperages). The board includes a ‘Type K’ extruder thermocouple chip (thermocouple not included), heated build plate control with thermistor temperature measurement and onboard RGB LED control. The fans are both PWM controlled and the ‘active cooling fan’ input is available to cool each extruded filament layer quicker for improved print quality.

Operating the CloneBoard Mini without the need for a dedicated computer is easy thanks to the intuitive 5-button navigation interface panel.

The CloneBoard Mini Interface panel has a full sized SD card reader, piezo speaker (better sound quality than the usual piezo buzzer), error indicating LEDs and contrast adjustment for the 20×4 LCD (not included – the various options can be selected by following this link). The interface panel connects to the CloneBoard Mini using the included 26-pin cable.

Measuring only 210mm x 50mm, The CloneBoard Mini uses the same PCB form factor (board shape) originally used by the Melzi 3D printer controller – this allows the CloneBoard Mini to be used as an easy to install upgrade on many existing RepRap based 3D printers.

The CloneBoard Mini is designed for single extruder 3D printers, if you are looking for dual extruder capabilities, have a look at the CloneBoard 2560.

Each CloneBoard Mini is fully function tested, and (if you ask nicely!) can also be pre-configured to suit your hardware specifications before being shipped. Although a 12V power supply can be used to power the CloneBoard Mini… for best performance a 24V power supply is recommended.

Further information can be found (and is added/updated whenever possible) in the Cloneboard Mini wiki.

CloneBoard Mini

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