Here are the main specs that can be used for setting up slicer / Cura profiles (we also have some already defined here.

Machine Settings:
e-steps/mm (see this page on how to configure e-steps):

  • This value could be unique, but should be in the range of 96-105
    Also set to 0 to use the firmware setting

Maximum Width: 200
Maximum Depth: 200
Maximum Height: 180 (you do not want to print right up to the max, the wires will not like it)
Extruder Count: 1
Heated bed: Yes
Machine Center 0,0 (this needs to be false/unchecked; the 0,0 is at Home [front, left]).
Build Area Shape: Square
Gcode flavour: RepRap (Marlin/Sprinter)
Printer Head Size:
set all the values to 0 (that is what mine is and mine works) – these are for multi-extruders
Serial: auto
Buadrate: 115200