Very often, the X axis rods come loose during shipping.  This can create problems with layer alignment as the rods slide back and forth during printing. This process is called “Blueprinting” because it is similar to following a blueprint or steps laid out to align the printer axis.


  1. Turn the printer around so you have access to the back of the printer.
  2. Raise the X gantry all the way to the top by manually turning both Z axis lead screws.
  3. Remove one of the screws holding the belt on to release the belt tension.
  4. Loosen the set screws holding the X axis rods on each side (use the smallest hex wrench that came with the printer).
  5. Center the X axis rods so an equal amount extends through the block on each side.  Tighten the set screws as tight as you can without stripping the head of the set screws. [TIP: You can replace the small set screws with standard M3 screws with larger heads that are less likely to strip when tightened.]
  6. Re-attach the belt.  Ensure the extruder travels smoothly from side to side and the X axis rods are solidly locked in place.
  7. Power on the printer, home, and re-level the bed.


Video Guide