Updating the D7 Firmware using Cura

The Wanhao D7 uses the Creation Workshop software to slice and control the printing process. The company that makes the software has changed hands and charges for the newer version but v1.0.54 and 1.0.75 are still hanging around and are free to use. This requires a dedicated PC. The alternative is to use a RaspberryPi3 and a program called nanoDLP.  Please note that nanoDLP prefers that the motion control firmware on the D7 reports back when a move is completed.  As of the time of this writing, the stock supplied firmware on the D7 does not provide the acknowledgement that nanoDLP is looking for.  An updated firmware based on the latest Repetier firmware has been specifically modified and tested with the D7.

You will need to download and install the updated firmware to use with Nanodlp. You can download the firmware from Wanhao or from here (for original boards). If you find the Z doesn’t move down but will move up then you need to switch your ZMin cable to the ZMax position or download this alternate firmware that flips them back in code. Refer to this page on instructions on how to upload new firmware, alternatively you can compile the firmware from source using Arduino IDE and upload through there.  The github source is here in the develop branch and is based on the latest develop branch of Repetier.

  1. Choose your firmware version and download and extract the firmware hex file from the archive
  2. Choose the install method (using Cura or through the Arduino IDE). If you use the IDE you will need to compile the source from GitHub.
  3. In Cura, create a new Machine for the D7. Select Settings->Printer->Manage Printers
  4. Click on Add then select Custom FDM Printer.
  5. Fill out the basic information then Save.
  6. On the right hand side of Cura it will show not connected. Plug the D7 into the computer and it should then show connected via USB with a green checkmark.
  7. Back on the Manage Printers screen select the Update Firmware button then choose Upload Custom Firmware and browse for the new firmware hex file.


Video showing Updating with Cura