Tiko Backlash Mods

The Tiko has issues with backlash which causes lines and circles to not print straight. There are a few mods that may help with the motor backlash.

Here it is people, Pratyeka’s fix for the motor gearbox backlash problem. when completed and installed, he observed that when holding the Tiko right side up and pushing up on the head, he could see the motors moving up slightly before he could feel the resistance of the rotors. Then when I release the head, everything moves down under the weight until all the slack of the gears is caught-up, meaning that ideal weight is pulling down and no more backlash in the gears. So now there is no delays when reversing direction in any of the motors. This along Teflon tape around the motor carriage clips and lithium grease on the guide tracks makes this printer as good as it can get.
Total weight added to each motors: 82 ~ 85 grams.

These picture are self explanatory. I use a hot melt glue gun, epoxy would do too.

Once everything is in place, leave the Tiko on it’s side and power it on. Observe how the motor do the homing motion. If nothing is in the way, they will move to the top, stop, go down, then return to the top and stop.
If something is blocking the homing motion, you will hear one or more motor strain and shake, eventually it will stop and flash the SOS. Locate which motor(s) is hitting what (probably on of the ribs at the very top), take it out and trim out the part that hits the obstacle. Put everything back in and try again.

STL File for this mod: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8KTvsTIxS2jaUNhbmQyTnlsSGc