Tiko is a 3D printer unlike any before it. It has been meticulously designed every piece of it to make it high quality and easy to use, while keeping costs down in order to achieve a great price. So, what makes Tiko different?

Most 3D printers have a multipart frame. These are bulky, difficult to assemble, and easily damaged. This is where Tiko is fundamentally different. Tiko is unibody. That means the whole frame is one piece, introducing an amazing array of benefits. Easy to manufacture. Virtually impossible to misalign.


Tiko is a delta 3D printer with three sets of arms moving in unison to control the movement of the print head (more on this later). The essence of Tiko’s innovation is our discovery that delta is the ideal configuration to unlock the many benefits of unibody.

See the Kickstarter page for more details. Unboxing Video.

Here is a good page with teardown photos by Propslayer Fabrications.