We’ve tried to gather all of the documentation that Wanhao has included with the printer. If there’s a document, or a revision of a document that we’re missing, please let us know.

Getting Started

User Manuals

Wanhao Resin MDS

Hardware Changes since Pre-Release Units

  • Changes implemented March 2017. Download the V1.1 Changes PDF or view the images below.

  • V1.3 Changes implemented May 4th 2017
  • V1.4 See this page for Changes implemented May 22th 2017


  • Driver coming soon (Wanhao’s link was for FTDI and the driver should be the standard Arduino 2560 CDC file)
  • Nanodlp or other DLP slicing software.

OEM Firmware

The D7 mainboard uses a standard Atmel16u2 for the usb to serial chip. It is programmed and shows up as an ATMEGA2560 Arduino and uses the standard usb cdc driver for the Arduino mega2560. The Atmega2560 main chip is programmed with a boot loader and can be reprogrammed over the USB port using the Arduino IDE or AVRDUDE. If you have problems uploading new code via the IDE try a power on of the board right before uploading code so the boot loader is active.

LCD Specifications

Based on the following specifications the X and Y pixel size should be 47.25 microns.

D7 LCD Specs