This is a collection of printable user mods that can be made to the D7 printer. Wanhao is pretty good about implementing enhancements over time so check your printer to see if it could benefit from any of these first. Always check to see if any of these mods will void your warranty and do so at your own risk.

Lid Mods

  • Lid Handles by wisar. The original steel cover that ships with the D7 is pretty heavy and awkward to handle so print a set of these and attach to the top.
  • Lid Handles for v1.2 by James Armstrong. The newer versions of the printer do not have the top attached with screws from the side so this handle was designed to mount using the top screws.


Case Mods

Plate/Platform Mods

  • Build plate holder by Revaice. A stand for the buildplatform from the Wanhao Duplicator 7. Printed in PLA.
  • Platform leveling aid by wisar. Another in my series of mods for my new 3D Printer. This one, however, is pretty specific to my personal needs in that I have some minor disability in my hands that can make leveling the build platform difficult at times. With this thing in place it is a lot easier for me to get to the four set screws while being sure that everything will stay flat.
  • v1 Plate to LCD Alignment Fix by James Armstrong

Vat Mods

Unit Mods

Misc Mods

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