The Duplicator i3 Plus is an inexpensive 3d printer from Wanhao based on the Wanhao i3 design with some changes made to the power supply / controller and LCD screen. Depending on the model you have there are some modifications that could be made to the unit. Some of these mods are fixes and safety related and some are just for improvements and are not required. Join us on our Slack channel by filling out this quick Form . We also have a Wanhao Di3 FB page.

We have started a world map that shows where all the Wanhao I3 users are located. Feel free to add yourself to the map if you have this printer or one of the clones. You can keep your info basic (city / state) or add what you want, it is up to you. Click here to access the Map.

A lot of the information about this printer is in common with the i3 v1/v2 so here is a link to those pages. Anything that is I3 Plus specific will be on this page.

Safety Notices

Tips and Mods