Wanhao I3 Safety Notice (Bed)

Duplicator i3 Plus Safety Notice

This is a notice for all owners of the Wanhao Duplicator i3 PLUS. We are advising to temporarily power down and discontinue use of your 3D printer until you are certain that you are not affected by the following safety notice.

Printers Affected:

Duplicator i3 PLUS printers with serial numbers Bi3/201603420 thru Bi3/201605810. You can find the serial number for your printer at the back of your printer frame and also on the outside of the printer’s shipping box.


Safety Notice:

We have been informed of a possible electrical and/or fire hazard stemming from the contact between the springs located at the heated bed corners and the heated bed plate itself. The springs have the potential to “dig” into the heated bed plate and come into contact with the metal component of the heated bed. This contact may cause an electrical short and/or fire damage. As of September 19th, we are only aware of this issue occurring in a handful of Duplicator i3 PLUS printers with serial numbers Bi3/201603420 thru Bi3/201605810. However, we have seen other model Duplicator i3 series printers without washers (some customers choose to remove these washers) so we are advising this pre-caution to all Duplicator i3 printer series owners.



For printers purchased through Wanhao:

If you have i3plus produced before 19th Sept 2016 in hand. Please email us at support@wanhao3dprinter.com and reply the following questions, so we can send out the free bushing pack by China Post.  If you purchase from the company who do OEM from Wanhao. We also honor these orders.
1.  Where and when did you purchase the i3plus?
2. What is the series No. at back of printer?
3. Please provide your detail address and phone number, the insulate bushing shall be sent out within 3 working days.
Gary Chen


For others in the US check out the USAWanhao.com page :


We have prepared a simple solution to remedy this issue quickly. We advise to not power on your printer until you have performed this remedy. We are currently shipping industrial non-conductive fiber washers as well as metal washers to all Duplicator i3 PLUS owners possibly affected by this safety notice who purchased their printer through USA Wanhao (www.usawanhao.com).



This kit is FREE for all Wanhao USA customers. If you purchased your printer via a non-affiliated printer retailer and wish to purchase this kit you can do so HERE
This protective washer combination needs to be placed in between the springs at the heated bed plate corners and the heated bed itself. The fiber washer will be at the top of the combination followed by the metal washer and the lock nut will secure them in place. This positioning will ensure that the spring only pushes up against the metal washer resulting in a long lasting solution. Each corner screw on the heated bed plate only requires one washer combination. This will stop the spring ends from digging into the heated bed plate and block the potential hazard.


Installation schematic:


Result after washer combination installation:


We will also be releasing a video on how to perform this installation on our youtube channel shortly. Please follow all instructions in the video and make sure your machine is not powered on while performing the washer installation.


*Although this safety notice is primarily for Duplicator i3 PLUS owners we advise all owners of a Duplicator i3 series printer to make sure they are not affected by this issue before continuing to use your printer. You can do so by making sure that there is a protective washer combination in between your heated bed plate springs and the heated bed itself.
*We recommend that during this installation you also make sure there are no scratches or “digs” into the underside of your heated bed plate caused by a sharp spring end. If there is damage to your heated bed plate please discontinue to use the bed and contact us immediately for a replacement.


Video from CHEP 3D Printer showing the finding