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  • We also have a Slack channel with pretty active discussions and help on the Di3 and D7 printers but is open to all printing related topics (create one if you don’t see a main topic). To join just click and fill out this Form.
  • See the donations page for information of helping support this cause (web hosting, products to review, etc).
  • We have added a Review section where we will be posting reviews of boards, printers, upgrades, filament and resins.
  • Added a SLA Resin information database for the Wanhao D7 where users can add curing times for others to lookup.

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About Us


The Articles page is where we will be posting any 3d printer related news, information or stories.

Safety Notices



This is a list of common 3d printers and will be adding any documentation we can find along with mods and tips for these printers.

Printer Boards

The CloneBoard Mini controller The CloneBoard Mini is a small but powerful 3D printer controller designed specifically to be used with ...
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Chitu Printer Controller by CBD ChiTu is the first 3D printer motherboard from CBD Tech ltd. The board is equipped with ...
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The Lerdge controller by 3DSWay The 3D printer motherboard Lerdge, with 3.5-inch full color touch screen is compatible with various slicers ...
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3D Object / STL Resource List


Description This is just a peek at the upcoming review for the Photocentric Tough UV Resin. I did a quick ...
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Description The Bondtech Mini is a replacement extruder for the Wanhao i3 and has a few features that make this ...
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Description I had a recent project that I have been printing in Ninjaflex on my FDM printer and after testing ...
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